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NEW STUFF - Batch Brewing and To Ol



Two great Breweries from opposite sides of the world helping you with  your conundrum, what am I drinking or giving over xmas !!


Batch Brewing MacBatch Scotch Ale Gift Pack

This special brew from Batch contains generous amounts Gladfield malt from New Zealand and utilises kettle caramelisation to bring forth the amazing toffee and caramel flavours that are balanced by the unique taste a beer gets after raging on American Oak for 2 months. This is truly a unique beer that will leave you wondering how something so tasty ever took this long to find you.

Batch Brewing Chapeau 6.2% Rasberry Farmhouse Ale 640ml
It is our anniversary time again, and we have brewed our kettle soured, raspberry farmhouse ale Chapeau to celebrate another great year.The striking bright red hue of Chapeau is matched by the tangy sourness and tart raspberry flavours that leave you breathless.

Batch Brewing Smokin Hot Brunette 5.2% Wheat Ale 640ml
Last year, we had our sights set on blondes, but this year it is all about the brunettes! This copper coloured ale has been enhanced by adding smoked-on-site jalepenos to give it a smokey edge and a subtle spicy kick.

To Øl Nelson Survin - Sour/Wild Ale 9%
With all of the fantastic tropical fruit notes that the Nelson Sauvin hop imparts, To Øl's sour double IPA Nelson Survin ('sur' meaning 'sour') is tart and tangy, with masses of mango, pineapple and passionfruit. Sharp lemon bitterness and a mouthpuckering sour character are balanced by the thick body and just a hint of boozy sweetness. Juicy, tart and hopped to the max. rb  = 91

To Øl Baltic Frontier 6.5%

This is the frontier IPA that joins together Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. We thought that Juniper and seabuckthorn was plants very indigenious to our region, but after speaking with Friends in Estonia, they told they were using those same plants all the time. So we aimed at doing a crazy IPA, loaded with seabuckthorn and juniper. The junipers blend in amazingly with the resinous flavours of the hops, and the seabuckthorn provides a zesty, bitter, fruity bite that can suit any proper IPA. The result is a true frontier, making you feel like iceskating a frozen baltic ocean. rb = 90
''This is one of my favourite brews"'

To Ol Garden Of Eden - Fruit Beer 6.4%
There was a time when everyone was walking around naked, in harmony with nature and all its animals. People were just sipping IPAs and on several biblical records, Adam and Eve were putting fruits in their IPA to compliment the fruity mosaic hops. Apricot, Guave, Mango, Passionfruit and Papaya made for a great IPA. Boasting with fruit flavours, this makes an intense IPA, boasting more fruit aromas that you never will come across in any other beer. Cheers !   rb  = 92


To ol First Frontier IPA 7.1%
To Ol Markedspils 5%
To Ol Primals Cream 6%
To Ol Raid Beer 5.2% Premium Lager
To ol Sundancer Steam Beer 2.7%

Drink well,

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