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A Note From The Brewer
What we do today is based on the love of craft beer which I discovered over 20 years ago, hanging around Brewers in Michigan. They are simple but often lost at corporate headquarters of the major brewing conglomerates that produce 95% of our beer.  These principles are:

1. Never compromise quality.  Use the best ingredients and take no short cuts.
2. Experiment.  Be brave and try things big breweries cannot.
3. Brew for the love of the beer.  Learn to measure success not from coin gained but joy you and your friends get from drinking your beer.
We are forging our own path full of good friends and great beer.  Hope you will join us.

Denham D’Silva
Founder and Head Brewer


 Barossa Valley Brewing Canis Major IIPA 8% 330ml
Inspired by the ‘great dog’ star-system this Imperial IPA is a flavour supernova. With over 100 IBU’s of hop, partnered with ample malts to give it balance, there’s no wonder it was judged to be a pedigree, winning both Champion IPA and Best Beer In Show at the Adelaide Beer Awards.

Barossa Valley Brewing I Can't Believe It's Not Bacon 5.5% 330ml
Lampooning your lips from the very first swig, this porker has more mystique than any flying swine. Stuffed with malt that’s smoked locally with the same wood as prize-winning bacon, this finely crafted local collaboration is a truly unique full-flavoured brew of peety, bacony proporktions. Go on, let this ale expand your beer horizons.

Barossa Valley Brewing Bee Sting Golden Ale 5% 330ml
Shamelessly pollenating your taste buds from the very first sip, this crisp flirty brew uses just a touch of local Barossa honey and delicate hops to leave your tongue as excited as a freshly disturbed hive. Light on its toes, but big in pleasurable flavour, this award winning ale will be a reliable friend at any occasion.

Barossa Valley Brewing Coffee Stout 7% 330ml
This seductive stout will make even the most hardy of warrior weak at the knees. Flavoured with Peruvian cocoa nibs and Barossa roasted coffee, this heavyweight will beat you into a smooth, sexy, submission… no matter how frigid your tastebuds.

Barossa Valley Brewing Hop Heaven 4.8% 330ml
This award winning IPA is crafted to be flavoursome and effortlessly drinkable. A worthy companion to a fine cut of BBQ’d meat, or on a hot afternoon while you admire your freshly mowed lawn. When those crisp American hops and smooth malt hit your taste buds, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve reached the pearly gates.

          Drink well

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