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NEW STUFF - Almanac Beer Co ( San Francisco)



Est 2010 by Jesse Friedman and Damian Fagan.
Almanac Beer Company is a San Fransico, California contract Brwery that makes farm to table beers in small batches using fruit, grains and herbs purchased from local family farms. The company has brewed both year-round table beers and special releases, as well as beers set aside from larger batches and aged in oak barrels. Oak-aged beers have been the company's primary focus since early 2014


Almanac Hoppy Sour  Mandarina Sour/Wild Ale 7% 375ml
Mandarina Bavaria hops are Germany’s answer to the bold, vivacious US varieties found in West Coast-style brews. This hop is the daughter of Cascade and Hallertau, combining characteristic New World citrus flavors and aromas with the subtle spice of German noble hops. We blended our wine barrel-aged sour blonde ale with foeder-fermented brett saison to craft a complex base of stone fruit, oak, and earthy funk to compliment the tangerine and lime-like character of Mandarina. Each sip teases a new flavor, from grass to grapefruit to peaches and finishes crisp and dry.  rb   =   98

Almanac Saison de Brettaville 7.2% 375ml
It’s easy to think of brettanomyces as a bad guy. This wild yeast is infamous for devastating batches of beer and wine. With our new Saison de Brettaville, we aim to show that brett’s not all bad. We’ve highlighted the best characteristics of this much maligned yeast and the astounding range of tropical fruit flavors and pleasant, earthy funk it contributes to sour beers and saisons. 

We began with our classic Saison Dolores and added twelve different strains of brettanomyces, capturing a snapshot of each strain’s best flavors and aromas, then aged this new brew in white wine barrels. Finally it was finished off with a delicate dry hopping of Hallertau Blanc, Mandarina, and Mosaic. 

The result is a farmhouse ale that is more funky than sour, with nuance that only brett can create. Serve with soft, creamy cheeses or as a tangy counterpoint to rich charcuterie. rb  =  99

Almanac Pumpkin Sour (2015) Sour/Wild Ale 8.5% 375ml
Pumpkin Sour is our ode to autumn. We brewed a sumptuous spiced brown ale and aged it for months in wine and Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels with hand-roasted California heirloom pumpkins. The result is a tart and complex celebration of the harvest season, and the perfect mate for savory Thanksgiving staples and bourbon pecan pie.  rb  =  96

Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Citrus (2015) Sour/Wild Ale 7% 375ml
Citrus and beer have made a great pair ever since the first lemon wedge was added to a frosty wheat beer. Here we expand on that tradition, melding a sour blond ale with the intensely aromatic zest of Buddha’s Hand citrons and the bracing tartness of Yuzu and Blood Oranges from Hamada Farms. Pair harmoniously with sushi or flakey white fish or contrast with earthy roasted root vegetables.  rb  =  98

Almanac Dogpatch Sour Red/Brown 7.5%  375ml
This barrel-aged wild ale is named for our San Francisco neighborhood and pays tribute to the Flanders Red style of beer. Aged in wine barrels, this lightly tart ale is brewed with California Rainier cherries using a house blend of wild yeasts, bacteria and SF sourdough yeast. Pair this complex ale with ripe figs & blue cheese or seafood bouillabaisse.  rb  = 99

Also Available :
Almanac IPA 7.5% 650ml
Almanac Golden Gate Gose - Grodziskie/Gose/Lichtenhainer 5% 650ml

Drink well.

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