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New: Rest and Be Thankful Whiskies Arrive In Aus


The Rest & Be Thankful series is put together by whisky traders and consultants Fox Fitzgerald. Run by Eamonn Jones and Aidan Smith, they have an exceptional access to casks and are purchasing mature stock. Their Islay malts are matured on Islay, the Highland Parks on Orkney. They reflect the distilleries they’ve come from with excellent complexity and intensity.

Relationships with distilleries like Bruichladdich mean that the Rest & be Thankful series has been able to bottle casks from the distillery’s namesake series, but also from their peated Port Charlotte and Octomore expressions. Incredibly rare stuff.

Brand new to Australia in July 2016, RBT gets its name from a stone inscription written by soldiers at the top of Glen Croe, which dates to 1753 (as explained on the back of each tin). They arrive at the Oak Barrel in small quantities, but with full flavours.

Always at cask strength, no chill-filtration, no added colours.

Rest. Be Thankful. Drink Whisky.

See the full range here, or click on a name below.


Octomore 2009 (Tempranillo wine cask)

Octomore 2009 (Pauillac Bordeaux wine cask)

Port Charlotte 2002 13-Year-Old

Bruichladdich 2002 13-Year-Old

Macallan 1990 26-Year-Old

Highland Park 1989 26-Year-Old

Springbank 1990 – 26-Year-Old

Bunnahabhain 1980 35-Year-Old

Bunnahabhain 1989 26-Year-Old

Linkwood 1997 18-Year-Old

Glenlossie 1997 18-Year-Old

Arran 1996 18-Year-Old


Scott Fitzsimons