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New Rare and Natural Japanese Sake


The Oak Barrel has recently taken delivery of some pretty special and rare sakes from Japan, including some brand new 2016 releases and truly fascinating aged stock.

Most of the selection have no sulphites and are unpasteurised and undiluted.

Out full range of sake is online now here but here are a couple of highlights from the current selection.


Naka Shuzo Asahi Wakamatsuru ‘Yamada Nishiki + Nihonbare’ 2008

A remarkable 8-year-old sake that has been aging in bottle since 2007. Naka Shuzo – a family owned business in the 11th generation – have an incredibly small production and their Asahi Wakamatsuru range is released only when they think it’s ready. Soft and complex, there’s spice and chocolate aromas amongst the layers. A rare treat anywhere in the world, let alone Australia. Undiluted, unpasteurised and with no sulphites.

$120 or $108 for Oak Barrel members


Mioya Shuzo Yuho No Shiro 2016

A refreshing and lightly sparkling sake for Mioya Shuzo – this 2016 is fresh into the country and will keep that light spritz in the bottle for about six months. Savoury with slight acidity this is unpasteurised and with no sulphites.

$79 or $71.10 for Oak Barrel members


Chiyo Shuzo Shinomine Chokara

A very dry, but again soft sake, that is minerally and fresh at the same time. A clean, highly enjoyable sake enjoyed by itself or with delicate dishes.

$85 or $76.50 for Oak Barrel members


Kidoizumi Shuzo Shizenmai Sparkling 2015

A sparkling sake that has enjoyed a second fermentation inside the bottle – if it was wine we’d call it a pet-nat. Fresh and fruity, the ferment aromas give quite a dry palate. No sulphites, additives or preservatives.

$49 or $44.10 for Oak Barrel members

Tengumai Yamahai Jikomi

A classic sake made in the traditional method, with a spicy pure rice finish. A great entry point to premium sakes.

$52 or $46.80 for Oak Barrel members.


Scott Fitzsimons