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Eloquesta Boy With Fruit Chardonnay 2014

This antique style of chardonnay has a balance of savoury, spice and fruit character all concerted with the new and old French and Hungarian oak. The nose has notes of dried stone fruit, mango, honey and acacia flower nectar. The palate comes alive with only subtle fruit notes of apricot, baked apple, nougat and spice also has strong savoury notes of sweet-tree bark, Chinese jasmine tea and nuts.

Eloquesta 'boy With Fruit' White Grapes (Viognier, Semillon & Chardonnay) 2015

Its incredible dried apricot and white floral nectar aromatics give way to a lush, juicy
lemon barley sugar confectionery on the palate which seriously rocks. The palate still carries both the varietal Bitey-lemonade from the Semillon and the spiciness of the stems, which you get on the finish, but meshes beautifully with the oily-Stone Fruit of the Viognier. Very pleased with this first attempt.

Fusée à Bulles 2015 Pet’ nat by Tim Wildman

A blend of Nero d’Avola, Vermentino and Zibbibo, it’s a safe potable beverage, made from Australian grapes and is considered mostly harmless. Made from grapes, with nowt taken out.

1300 bottles made, no added sulphur, no addition, no adjustments, no filtration or fining.

Marc Pesnot (Unclassified Muscadet) la Boheme 2014

The quality of the wine is due to the meticulous vineyard work that even extends to hand picking the grapes only when they are ripe even if that takes a number of passes through the vineyard at picking time. The grapes are then totally destemmed and then fermented very slowly (sometimes 4 months, sometimes longer), before resting on the lees for up to six months. A small amount of sulphur (20mg/litre) is added before bottling.

Lilian and Sophie Bouchet Beaujolais Sur La root (Gamay)

Sur la Root is a beautiful example of what Beaujolais should be most of the time. There is a welcoming array of ripe blackberries. The palate is typically soft, with the luxurious coating tanins of Gamay. There is lots of tanin there, but it is so smooth that it feels like velvet. Nothing stops the fruit train as it slides through.

Alexandre Jouveaux 013 (Chardonnay) (2013)

This is some awesome Chardonnay. Full and flavoursome with aromas of peach and melon alongside complex spice notes. Balancing everything is a fine, minerally streak of acid that keeps things fresh and tasty. Great now with a decant. Highly recommended.

Paul Hervy