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New Malbec in Store


We're found ourselve on a bit of a Malbec binge this week at The Oak Barrel. So to match our current drinking habits, we've put together a selection of Malbecs, all made by passionate winemakers who make wines reflecting belief in how wines should be made.

High quality is the standard for most of them. Trying to break the idea of Argentinian wine they tried to make wine in a different style from the majority of wines, in smaller volumes and with a strong brand concept.

"With an average elevation of 900m Argentina is home to the highest vineyards in the world.  The vines grown at high altitude and enjoy the unique and ideal growing conditions with some considerable temperature variation between day and night."

These malbec are one of the best offer in Sydney for the moment.

Benvenuto de la Serna 'Mil Piedras' Malbec 2014

Colome Estate Malbec 2013

Ernesto Catena 'Siesta' Malbec 2012

Ernesto Catena 'Padrillos' Malbec 2014

Lagarde 'Guarda' Malbec 2012



Paul Hervy