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Brave New Wines at The Oak Barrel


It's a brave new week here at The Oak Barrel with a new vintage of funky natural wines from Brave New Wine, located in WA's Great Southern region (read: Denmark, near Albany). 

The output of newish winemakers and husband-and-wife team Yoko and Andries Mostert, they've experience making wine for bigger wineries in the region but this is a stab at their own label. Even before you've tasted the juice, Brave New Wine creates a bit of buzz thanks to their weird shaping bottle (note the base), which is lighter than others and subsequently more eco-friendly. 

They source fruits from vineyards around the region and only craft small batch. All wines are made with minimal intervention. Natural/indigenous ferments, no fining or filtration, no additions at all except sulphur dioxide.

You may have seen them in Sydney this past June for the Young Guns of Wine event, which showcases the 50 best young winemakers of the year. They reached the top 12 finalists for the 2016 edition (Josephine Perry of Dormilona evently won the competition).  

“So here we are, crafting the kind of wine that thrills us, wines that excite, that are alive, that are delicious to drink and inspire conversation." - Yoko and Andries Mostert

In store now, but moving through quite quickly:

Brave New Wine Sunshine & Hercules Riesling 2015

A skin contact Riesling. Five hours on skin before fermentation in ceramic egg and some new oak. Sits for seven months on lees post ferment. A very drinkable style with fresh acidity and a waxy texture. Notes of citrus, pollen and jasmine.  

Brave New Wine Shadenfreude Shiraz 2015

"This is a sensational wine. It’s all cracked pepper, thick blackberry and black cherry, reductive smoke, herbs and various spices. It even has green herb/mezcal nuances as a bonus." Gary Walsh - The Wine Front

Brave New Wine Doppelganger Riesling 2014

So non-traditional Oz Riesling (the eye-wateringly dry stuff people used to love because it tasted like petrol) and yet a bit weird but we like. Notes of stone fruit, ripe peach, spice and ginger. A bit malty too. Chalky and slightly tannic and waxy on the palate with nice fresh lemon acidity keeping things civil. A tasty wine indeed. 

Brave New Wine El Rojo Red 2013

A tasty easy drinking wine. Notes of cherry, cola and bright blackberries. Fresh and smooth in that glugable style for which it is names. Can even be drunk a little colder. So good.

All The New Wines In Store

Paul Hervy