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Lucy Margaux, Jauma and Shobbrook back vintages



It has been more than six years now since we first started working with Lucy Margaux, Jauma and Shobbrook. In this time, they have gone from renegade outsiders to being amongst the most celebrated and loved producers in Australia.

Since the early days we have always tried to keep a few wines on the side to age so that we can see how they taste after a few years in bottle. We have always seen the aging potential in these wines but it has always been rare to find them with a little age (because they either sell out or we drink them all!).

We have decided now would be a good time to release a few bottles of our back vintage collection so that followers of these wines have a chance to try them with age and look back on how they have developed. With a little bit of time they become softer with silky, elegant tannins and beautiful balance.

All these three producers use natural principles with no added anything except a small amount of sulphur at bottling and minimum intervention. May the force be with you.

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2013 Lucy Margaux 'Estate Vineyard' Pinot Noir:

Rare back vintage Pinot Noir from Anton's home vineyard. Complex and brambly.

2012 Lucy Margaux 'Little Creek Single Vineyard' Pinot Noir

A rare back vintage of this not often made wine. A selection of the best juice from the annual Little Creek Pinot Noir release. Temperature controlled by us and guarded by Dalek's since release.

 2014 Gentle Folk / Lucy Margaux 'Nori'

This wine was set loose at the very end of 2014 and we have a few bottles we held on to just to see what would happen. Riesling on skins, squashed a lot, matured in ceramic egg. Very lemony on release with sweet citrus notes, spice and crunchy mandarin peels. I loved this wine when released. Still awesome.

2014 Lucy Margaux 'Jaspers' Pinot Noir 

A rare back vintage of Lucy Margaux Pinot from Jasper Button's vineyard. Rich on release, dark and complex.

2011 Jauma 'Wood Vineyard' Grenache 

You’ve got to wonder what the hell is going on in this vineyard. 900 vines at the top of the Clarendon ridge. Dry grown, own roots, east facing, red/grey sand over iron stone bedrock, planted by Ralph Wood in 1988. A spiritual place with views down across the vale to the cliffs of second valley and onto Kangaroo Island. Forget anything you ever knew about Grenache, don't get confused with Nebbiolo - who cares about the variety, this wine is place                                             .

2011 Jauma 'Tullah Vineyard' Grenache 

Not made anymore this wine, but damn tasty when it was. An elegant, fine and silky style of Grenache. All melty cherry and strawberry fruits. Very nice and a real former favourite. We have one lonely bottle left of this wine from a case we have been pouring at events over the last few years. Last tried end of 2015 and it was awesome.

2011 Shobbrook Riesling 

A few very rare bottles of Shobbrook Riesling dug up from our cellar. Temperature controlled from release. 

2012 Shobbrook 'Didier' Cinsault 

We have a few rare old bottles of this awesome wine in our cellar for awhile now and we thought that now was a good time to release them. Earthy and spicy with lots of flavour in an elegant sort of way. Liquorice, dark plums, forgotten cherries. 

 -Paul Hervy

Paul Hervy