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Lucy Margaux New Release + Free Tasting in Store


We've taken delivery of a very exciting allocation of Lucy Margaux's spring 2016 release of natural wines. Winemaker and founder Anton Van Klopper is arguably one of Australia's best known and respected natural wine makers and certainly a pioneer of the style - his wines are always highly sought after.

In this release, the wines have been made with absolutely no sulphur. They're designed to be drunk with (responsible) reckless abandon alongside friends and family. Not to be taken too seriously, they're fun, fascinating and very well priced.

The wines are made using natural principles with minimal intervention. Anton’s wines are always interesting, quite often brilliant and with an assortment of blends and styles released each year. 

With all the following wines available in store now, we will open few bottle this Friday 7 October for a free tasting in store at the front counter between 4-7pm.

Wine available now:

Lucy Margaux White 2016

A blend of Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, this is deliciously easy to drink. Bright and fresh on the nose, with a lively palate and a savoury finish. Best enjoyed on the grass, in the sun, with friends.

Lucy Margaux Red 2016

A velvety, dusty Merlot that is also sweet, plummy and earthy. A perfectly smashable red from the Master of Natural Wines.

Lucy Margaux Sauvignon Blanc 2016

A wicked wine once you get your head around it. Peach blossoms, grapefruit zest and hints of cashews dance around on the palate. Acid zips around surrounded by a wall of flavour with tannins that pull you in all directions. Get around it.

Lucy Margaux Gris de Florette 2016

A nose red berries, spring flowers and aromatic spices. Tastes of strawberries and hazelnuts with a zippy little line of acidty running the length of the wine.

Lucy Margaux Chardonnay 2016

Slight ‘flory’ nose indicative of intentional oxidation. Musky in the mouth, round fruit and voluptuous. The wine is built on tactile character - tension, grip and minerality more so than classic fruit. Fascinating, crazy Chardonnay.

Lucy Margaux Noir de Florette 2016

It falls between a rose and a light red. Perfect out of the fridge and into the sun with this one. 100% Pinot Noir, its all cherries raspberries and spice with a light crunchy acidity.

Lucy Margaux Wildman Pinot Noir 2016

Wildman is pretty apt for this out there wine. Grapes picked from an untamed vineyard get thrown into a vat and left. The result? Surprisingly pretty, definitely wild, sour cherries and juicy plums.


Paul Hervy