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Lucy Margaux New Release


Anton Von Klopper of Lucy Margaux / Domaine Lucci is one of the most creative wine makers in the Australian wine industry. Having started out in restaurants as a sommelier he eventually found his way into the world of wine. Having completed his Oenology degree at the university of Adelaide he then spent several years working vintages around the world. In 2002 Anton and his family purchased a property in the Adelaide Hills. Here he farms in biodynamic as well as taking small parcels from neighbouring vineyards. His wines have very quickly reached cult status and established Anton as one of the leaders of the Natural Wine Movement in Australia.

The wines are made using natural principles with no added anything except a small amount of sulphur at bottling. Anton’s wines are always interesting and quite often brilliant with an assortment of blends and styles released each year. The wines are fresh and sublime at all levels with his single vineyard Pinot Noirs of particularly high quality.

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Domaine Lucci Sans Sulfite Blanc II 2015
Domaine Lucci Pet Nat Blanc de Blanc 2015
Domaine Lucci Sans Sulfite Pinot Gris 2015
Domaine Lucci Red 2015

Domaine Lucci Blush 2015

Domaine Lucci Merlot 2015
Domaine Lucci Village of Thiers Pinot Noir 2015
Lucy Margaux Monomeith Pinot Noir 2015
Lucy Margaux Little Creek Pinot Noir 2015
Lucy Margaux Jaspers Pinot Noir 2015

 -Paul Hervy

Paul Hervy