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Light ‘Em Up: A Smoky Whisky Tasting At The Oak Barrel


It’s been an awesome year of whisky tastings at The Oak Barrel, and we’re determined to finish the year off with a few bangs as well.

One of those will be ‘Light ‘Em Up’, featuring some pretty special pours.

In an evening of celebrating all things peat and smoke in our whiskies, we’ll be trying six whiskies of different shapes and sizes but all with that common thread.

Brand new into the country, the Laphroaig 27-Year-Old will be a centrepiece for the evening. With a fabulous amount of age (not to mention a shelf price of over $1,000), it’ll be fascinating to see how this expression has evolved.

The second edition of the highly collectable Octomore 10-Year-Old will be on pour. Sold out around the world, we have some of the last stocks of this incredibly-heavily-peated whisky, which is commonly bottled at five years old or as young as possible.

A single cask of just 261 bottles, all of which found their way to Australia, this is a cracking dram from one of our favourite Islay distilleries. PX sweetness with farmyard fire.

From new independent bottlers North Star comes this Islay 8-Year-Old from an undisclosed distillery. A powerful single malt, we have our hints on what this could be although we’re not 100 percent sure.

We’ll also crack open batch one of Sansibar’s Smoky Peated Blended Malt from the Germany indie bottlers. Largely does what it says on the tin, as good as a single malt.

Not usually available in Australia, the Islay Mist 12-Year-Old is a historic blended whisky based around peat. It’ll be our opener.

To be hosted by The Oak Barrel's own independent whisky specialist.

What We’ll Be Trying

Laphroaig 27-Year-Old 2017 Release
Octomore 10-Year-Old 2nd Edition
Kilchoman PX Single Cask Australian Exclusive
North Stay Islay 8-Year-Old
Sansibar Smokey Peated Blended Malt
Islay Mist 12-Year-Old

WHAT: Light ‘Em Up: A Smoky Whisky Tastubg
WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000
WHEN: Thursday 9 November 2017, 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start
PRICE: Members $75 / Non-Members $85

Scott Fitzsimons