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Last Minute Christmas Spirit


Don't panic - there's still plenty of cool whiskies and spirits kicking around for the festive season. Be it gifting or drinking yourself, there are some hidden gems that will it make it look like you've planned it all along.

Before we go any further though, a quick public service announcement. Perennial favourite the GlenDronach 15 is running very low on stocks. May not make it past the weekend. After we've sold out that's it for the 15-year-old until 2018 - so if you want to grab a bottle to tide you over, NOW is the time to do it.

Back to business: 

Benromach Trio Pack

3x200ml bottles in a nice display box featuring the indie Speyside distillery's fantastic organic, peated and 10-year-old lines. Probably the best way to explore a range of styles this December. 

Darroze Armagnac 1979/89/99 Gift Pack

Armagnac is a great drop - it can be fresh and fruity or subtle and complex - and is a great cognac alternative (without the price tag). This pack from bottlers Darroze covers three decades of spirit.

Denver & Liely Whisky Glass

A hugely popular (and stylish) hand-blown whisky glass designed in Melbourne. Batch released, so you can't always get a hold of it.

Habitation St Etienne Rhum 2002 Ardbeg Cask

A very unique rum in the fact that it's been finished in a single malt Islay whisky cask. The whisky was the Smokehead expression, which is - infact - Ardbeg. The 2002 vintage comes in a 700ml bottle at 44%. Is it a smoky rum? You betcha, particualrly on the palate and finish.

Also available, HSE's ex-sherry Pedro Ximenez finish.

Armorik Classic French Single Malt

The entry-level to the Armorik French whisky range, it's got ripe fruit notes and a mineral backbone. Recently awarded 93 points by Fairfax.

Forty Spotted Summer Release Gin

The summer release from Tasmania's Forty Spotted, created by the team at the Lark Distillery. The summer twist has notes of rose, citurs and Turkish Delight.

Scott Fitzsimons