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From Ireland: Hyde Single Malt 10 Year Olds


Fresh off the boat and into the store, a couple of new 10-year-old Irish whiskies bottled under the Hyde brand.

The sherry finish ten-year-old was recently named the bets Irish single malt at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and arrives in Australia alongside its new stable-mate, the ten-year-old rum finish.

The brand is owned by Hibernia Distillers with these whiskies taking their name from the first President of Ireland Douglas Hyde, who held the office from 1938-1945.

Like many of the expressions in the emergence of Irish whiskey, Hibernia do not yet have their own distillery and this whisky comes from the warehouses of Cooley, in Louth (home to Tyrconnell, Conemara, Greenore and others).

Cooley is known for its diversity, both in its own brands and those of the independents and emerging distilleries it supplies mature spirit to. These Hyde bottlings provide another take on what we can expect form Irish whisky.

The sherry and rum casks are finishes – and quite quick ones at that. The sherry cask isn’t what you’d expect, with strong malty notes followed through by a real dampness, particularly on the finish. The rum cask is slightly sweeter – as you’d expect – with rich sugars and a succinct, dry finish.

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Scott Fitzsimons