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French Single Malt: New Limited Releases From Armorik



France is developing a growing reputation as a whisky producing nation (not just one of the world's biggest whisky consuming nations) and the Warenghem distillery has played a large part in that.

The Warenghem Distillery has been active since 1990 but whisky - and particulalrly single malt - has been quite a recent development. Their blend WB was released 1987 and the fist Breton single malt appeared 11 years later in 1998. They've been exporting since 2009/10, with their main push into Australia coming in 2015.

Their single malts, which makes up the majority of their export lines, appear under the name Armorik (there are a number of domestic market blends in the distillery's portfolio). Alongside the ongoing Classic and Double Maturation lines they release two limited editions each year. 

The 2016 editions (the third) of their limited releases have just arrived in Australia - with this year's single cask offering the oldest single malt ever release by the distillery.The Maitre De Chai (1,700 bottles worldwide) and the Millesime 13-year-old single cask (739 bottles) are now in store.  

Armorik Maitre De Chai

Translates to the 'Cellarmaster's Selection' and spends the last three years in sherry casks. This is quite a different release to 2015, it's richer (brown sugar, treacle) with more oak and a delicate dusty-ness. 70 bottles in Australia. MORE INFO

Armorik Millesime 13 Year Old Single Cask

Annual single cask release, this year's is big and rich and driven by sherry-cask maturation. The oldest release from the distillery to date (last year's was 12 years old) and bottled at cask strength 55.5%. 48 bottles in Australia. MORE INFO

Roof Rye

A creamy, buttery rye whisky (France's first) matured using the unique technique of housing barrels in corregated iron boxes to 'cook' the casks over a number of summers. 60 bottles in Australia. MORE INFO

Also available, the clean, minerally Classic and dual-cask, crowd-favourite, Double Maturation.


Scott Fitzsimons