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Festival Of Sake


UPDATE 28 MARCH: We are just shy of two weeks away from the Oak Barrel’s very first Festival Of Sake, and we could not be more excited with the amazing line up of Japanese liquors we have managed to source. Here are just some of the amazing items attending:

Masuizumi (Sake)
Heiankyo (Sake)
Taketsuru (Sake)
Kagatobi (Sake)
Yatsushika (Sake, Liqueur and Shochu))
Hakushika (Sake and (Liqueur)
Dewazakura (including a ten-year-old aged sake!)
Houraisen (sake and umeshu)
Taka (Sake)
Tengumai (sake)
Yoshinogawa (sake and yuzushu)
Shirakawa (sake)
Wakatsuru (including a 20-year-old sake)

Hitomi (natural and skin contact, plus a pet nat)

A selection of un-aged and barrel aged shochu and awamori.

Plenty more to be announced - watch this space!

With the overwhelming response from the sake community our amazing customers, we have extended the festival to another space in our showroom. We're fitting in more tables and have added a handful of tickets thanks to the extra space.

We can't wait for you to join us for an unforgettable afternoon of matching sake with fresh sushi, trying unique Japanese spirits and natural wine but most of all finding out how incredible small batch, family owned sake can be.


The Oak Barrel is proud to announce our first ever Festival Of Sake, which will take place Saturday 14 April.

An afternoon celebrating the drinks and delicacies of the island nation, there’ll be a strong Japanese atmosphere in our Sydney CBD store.

The Festival of Sake will focus on Japan’s national drink: sake. Sake is a completely unique product in the world of alcohol thanks to its unique production method and an incredible range of flavours. We are out to prove how amazing sake can be and just how varied the drink can be from brewery-to-brewery.

If you’ve dipped your toes in the world of sake, perhaps at a restaurant, or in passing at a bar, the Festival Of Sake is your opportunity to experience what small batch, craft producers have been capable of for hundreds of years.

Japan’s national drink will be our focus, but we have not forgotten about the many other types of beverages Japan produces and loves. Japanese wine – both traditional and skin contact ‘new world’ – will be present alongside 15th century spirit awamori, oft-misunderstood distilled spirit shochu and sake spin-offs yuzushu and umeshu.

To top it off, we will also have a food matching area which will pair an exceptional sake with Japanese finger foods, including fresh sushi.

Join us in celebrating a slice of Japanese culture at The Oak Barrel this April.

WHAT: The Oak Barrel’s Festival Of Sake
WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000
WHEN: Saturday 14 April, 1pm-4pm
PRICE: Members $40 / Non-Members $50