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Introducing Chevre Wines For Summer


Flagons of skin contact Pinot Gris? It must be summer...

First, a quick story about Jordy Kay. Jordy started working in vineyards on the Mornington Peninsula when he was 15. At 17 he left school to pursue a career in winemaking and took part in his first vintage in the Margaret River.

Vintages in Austria, Portugal and Tasmania followed, before our man Kay became assistant winemaker at Jamsheed in the Yarra Valley (at an astonishingly young age). Jamsheed's Gary Mills played a big hand in mentoring Jordy over the years, who taught himself chemistry and biology through books before studying winemaking and viticulture properly. 

Jordy started working on his own venture in the Mornington Peninsula in the winter of 2014 - it was the beginning of Chèvre Wines.

In 2016 he purchased a vineyard and moved to the Otway Ranges. He now farms everything himself on his own property and a few other vineyards nearby that he leases, with a focus on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. (The first of these new wines will be released in the Spring of 2017.)

Kay farms naturally while trying to minimise the use of copper and sulphur by turning to more delicate organic alternatives. "Healthy vines equal healthy wines" is the philosophy here. The optimal soil and above soil ecosystem is attained by using various composting methods, spray preparations and indigenous plant integration.

We've just taken delivery of two very exciting bottlings (one of which is the aformentioned two-litre wine vessel), which are available now:

Chevre Pinot Gris 2016 (Flagon)                                                                

Chevre Pinot Noir 2015

Thanks for Jordy and Lo Fi wines for sharing their notes.

We have still some few tickets available for our Jura Masterclass next week with Laura Seibel from Doamine La Pinte - click on the image below:


Paul Hervy