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Bruichladdich, Octomore, Port Charlotte: 10YO Limited Editions



Islay scotch whisky distillery Bruichladdich are not being presumptuous when they describe themselves as ‘progressive’ distillers.

Experimentation and transparency is at the core of their distilling ethos and their exhaustive range of releases in the past decade or so is testament to that. Home to three brands – the unpeated Bruichladdich, the peated Port Charlotte and the ultra-peated Octomore – together their respective cult followings become greater than the sum of their parts on the Bruichladdich banner.

A couple of those releases regularly spring to memory as being quite special – one of which was the Octomore 10-Year-Old. Usually released between the ages of five and seven years old to ensure it is as punchy as possible, the ten-year-old expression of the world’s most heavily peated whisky sent ripples through the whisky world.

How would it stand up after ten years in the barrel? What does the oldest ever Octomore taste like? It became a near-impossible-to-find collectors item very quickly.

By comparison, the ‘Laddie 10’ – a ten-year-old Bruichladdich – seemed, on the surface, a rather tame expression by the distillery’s standard. It proved to be an absolute stormer of a dram. Affordable, complex and downright delicious, it wasn’t long until we, the whisky-drinking public, exhausted those stocks.

Port Charlotte, by comparison, has had so many cracking drams that it’s hard to find just one to compare to a ten-year-old. PC8 anyone?

With those memories fresh, we’d like to welcome in a trio of limited editions from Bruichladdich: the second edition 10-year-olds from Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore.

Just arrived in store in very limited quantities, we can attest to the quality here.

Bruichladdich 'The Laddie 10'

The new Laddie 10 is just as delicious as its predecessor, sweet up front, oily on the palate, complex at the end. A real triumph of the distillery's core spirit.

Port Charlotte 10 Year Old

The Port Charlotte 10 manages its lovely balancing act of dry coastal smoke, held together by string made out of dried and tropical fruits.

Octomore 10 Year Old

The Octomore 10 is unlike any standard expression – still a massive smoke hit, but just so grounded and herbal. A bit of wine cask influence throws some sweet, mixed fruits is as well.

Each release is limited to 18,000 bottles individually numbered around the world, with only a small proportion of that making its way to Australia.

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Pictured above: sheep patrolling the street at Bruichladdich

Scott Fitzsimons