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Sometimes 750ml is never enough. There are many reasons to drink wine in magnum-size, one of the best it looks good on a table!

The others reasons which are more technical:

The wine has a better age potential in a magnum - due the size is has a higher thermal inertia. In laymans, they take longer to cool or warm up. Wine is therefore subject to less thermal "violence". Also, the proportion of air trapped between the stopper and the wine is at a lower percentage than in a regular bottle.

Wine always seem to taste better from a magnum. By its sheer volume, it is more likely to own a greater share of aromatic components that were previously in the barrel or tank. Magnums are also drunk with friends, which is scientifically* proven to increase enjoyment.

Here are some of the latest magnums we've received with, for the first time, the very limited Nebbiolo from Luke Lambert.

 Magnum available:

Shobbrook 'Romanee Tuff' Syrah 2014/1500ml

An awesome and atypical Shiraz from Tom Shobbrook. Elegant, not big, with lots of savoury spice and earthy complexity alongside the light plum fruit. Smooth and complex with a lot of personality. Highly recommended.

La Ficelle Saint Pourcain Rouge 2015/1500ml

La Ficelle means ‘the string’. Story goes that the barkeep would use a knotted string to dip into a patrons flagon to see how much wine they had enjoyed before the bill. This wine is a blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir and a classic ‘Vin de Soif’.

 Luke Lambert Nebbiolo 2014/1500ml

This Nebbiolo has great potential - a nose of rose oil, sweet cherry, mint and licorice, and spice. It shows a medium bodied palate where the tannins are buried in the juicy fruits.

 Shobbrook Poolside 2016/1500ml

Rosé in colour and pretty in aromatics with a touch of stalkiness from the fermentation. Don't be fooled though...It's bone dry with a backbone of tannin. Think Pinot/Beaujolais Nouveau, light, bright and crunchy. Delicious!

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Paul Hervy