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Baker Williams: A New Favourite NSW Distillery


Go West Young (Wo)man: If you travel from Sydney and head over the Blue Mountains, past Lithgow and north west to the town of Mudgee, you’ll find one of The Oak Barrel’s favourite New South Wales distilleries – Baker Williams.  

A tiny operation in the heart of a wine-dominated region in the state's Central West, the Baker Williams distillery was established in 2011 by Helen Baker and Nathan Williams.

Baker and Williams – a husband and wife team – have been letting their creativity run free since spirit first ran off the stills, each bringing a different set of ideas, palate, to the table.

So while their early experiments with patient spirits like whisky and brandy are quietly maturing away, they’ve a plethora of ready-to-go-now delectables.

Highlights include the thick citrus bombs of the Orancello and Lemon Myrtle liqueur (which we’ve been alternating straight over ice on the hot nights), their new bold fresh XLCR Gin and their Butterscotch “Please Pour Me Over Ice-Cream” Schnapps.

Without resorting to bloody awful clichés, these bottles actually make brilliant Christmas presents – great unique presentation, well presented, designed to be shared and drunk rather than stashed away, and the juice inside is awesome.

(If I’ve any friends/relatives reading this, I may have shown my hand regarding presents – please act surprised on Christmas Day.)

A huge hit at the Sydney Craft Spirits Fair, we’ve now re-stocked with our favourites from their range. (We might even have a couple of bottles underneath the counter open…)

Click on a product name below for more info, or see all of Baker Williams’ products here.

Baker Williams Butterscotch Schnapps

Baker Williams Café Liqueur

Baker Williams XLCR Gin

Baker Williams Lemon Myrtle

Baker Williams New Make Spirit

Baker Williams Orancello

Baker Williams Wheat Vodka

Scott Fitzsimons