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I've gone a bit silly on Aussie craft beers, but for good reason: They're absolutely cracking. Below is a select list of odds and ends that have taken my fancy, and that are in fairly short supply.

I'm only on beer duty for another few weeks before Ian returns from the wilds of Africa, so I'm going to jam in as many interesting things as I can before he catches me to tell me off!  Keep your eyes on New Stuff list over the next couple of weeks as we get in some new breweries and some limited releases from old favourites. 

Don't forget, we have our Kaiju! Beer Tasting on this Friday at the front counter 4 - 7pm.  


Modus Operandi XPA
5.2% 500ml

Yes! The first limited release for 2017 and it's a cracker. An absolute saviour on these recent 30+ days. 

An American style Pale Ale that has been double hopped with Simcoe, Rakau and Columbus hops. The result is a wonderful hoppy pale ale with lots of aroma and flavour. Straight up hop juice. 

Nail Brewing VPA
6.5% 375ml

No Aussie Craft beer list would be complete without a WA beer (because West is Best says the author). Nail have been around since 2000 but only introduced cans to their selection late last year. Here's one of their delicious offerings. 

It should help VPA stand out from what's becoming a pretty crowded marketplace – not just cans but hoppy beers around the 6.5 percent ABV mark. The reason being that here it gives the beer a ridiculous juiciness; the brewery talks about huge pineapple, passionfruit and orange characteristics and, for us, it's the last of these in particular that shines. It's like having fresh orange juice – in hop oil form – squeezed onto your tongue (Review from Crafty Pint).

Mountain Goat 2016 Chritmas Ale (Better late than never!)
9.6% 750ml

After a slight detour to Canberra, we recieved our 2016 Christmas Ale and thought "better late than never!"

When planning what to do for our 2016 Barrel Breed Christmas Ale, we wanted a beer that was suited for barrel ageing but could also be enjoyed on a 35+ degree day. After much deliberation we found the perfect match: a Golden Strong Ale. Though deceptively light bodied, this beer comes in at a hefty 9.6% ABV making it perfect for sharing with good company over the festive season.

Sailors Grave First Harvest Grisette
4.3% 355ml

Here they've created a farmhouse ale featuring hay harvested from the Snowy River Plains, local spotted gum honey and Shin-Cha green tea from Ttotaler Tea. The distinctive farmhouse yeast is to the fore, adding spiciness and a little banana to the mix in a beer that blends sweetness with floral, lemony, herbaceous characters, hints of farmhouse funk and a pleasant, tannic, dry finish. You can imagine chefs and sommeliers having a lot of fun with this one. (Review from Carty Pint)

Sailors Grave Altocumulus Dry Hopped Blueberry Berliner Weisse
4% 355ml

Traditionally a mouth-puckeringly sour wheat beer. We dial back the acidity to a refreshing tartness that is very easy to crush. Altocumulus is a cloudy pale-straw colour with a billowy head and lactic tartness. A heap of un-malted barley and oats create a creamy mouthfeel that is offset by a bone dry finish.

Blueberries from a neighbouring farm add bright fruity aromas; and hefty dry-hopping with Amarillo & Australian Cascade hops add to the burst of citrus making for a perfect Summer’s day quencher.

La Sirene Urban Pale
5.2% 330ml

La Sirène proudly introduces the Urban Pale a hop driven juicy Farmhouse Pale Ale made in our Urban Farmhouse Brewery. Expect grapefruit & pine-cone characters with an assertive bitterness that is enveloped seamlessly with melon, black pepper and citrus rind flavours.

Young Henrys / Pond Mulberia Mulberry Berliner Weisse
4% 640ml

It's a hot afternoon in a sunny Perth locale called Mulberia, and some friends are camped-out under a mulberry tree jamming and contemplating the universe. That's how Pond was born and it's the inspiration for the beer we made together. This mischievous bend on a sour beer is slightly tart with a subtle berry finish that will scratch the front of your skull and the back of your palate, just like a Pond tune.