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An Evening With Four Pillars Distiller Cam Mackenzie


Following on from the huge success of our first 'Evening With A Distiller' masterclass in January, we're delighted to confirm the next edition with another pioneer of the Australian distilling scene: Cameron Mackenzie.

Located in Vitoria’s Yarra Valley, Four Pillars have been at the forefront of Australia’s boutique gin boom. Indeed, when you think of Australian craft gins, Four Pillars is one of the first names that springs out of your drink.

Such is the ongoing success, respect and innovation of the distillery that arguments have been made claiming that many other gin producers wouldn’t be enjoying the same prominence if Four Pillars hadn’t helped to throw the category’s doors wide open.

It’s easy to forget that Four Pillars are still new themselves. Their Rare Dry – a staple of Australian drinkers – was only released December 2103. A mix of spice and citrus, the use of whole oranges as opposed to orange peel, gives the gin a unique Australian twist that has resonated with drinkers.

Since then the range has expanded to include a Barrel Aged, Navy Strength, Spiced Negroni, the will-be-back-sometime-in-2017 Bloody Shiraz gin and a host of limited editions.

Each release has been different, the soft complexity of the Barrel Aged – matured in French ex-chardonnay casks – is miles from the citrus drive of the Navy Strength and the juniper-forward Spiced Negroni.

The quality of distillate is constant, however, and their much-loved imported stills (the name of each is printed on the neck of each bottle) are front and centre of the Four Pillars story.

Join us for an evening of gin and laughs with the distiller Cameron MacKenzie and co-founder Stu Gregor. It’s a rare occasion we get to drag Cam up north and with the two of these guys in the room together it could all get a bit ‘Laurel & Hardy’.

We’ll be trying the classic range with one or two limited editions if we can scramble them…

WHAT: An Evening With Four Pillars Distiller Cam MacKenzie
WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000
WHEN: Monday 20 February, 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start
PRICE: Members $15 / Guest $25

Scott Fitzsimons