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A Selection Of Australian Whiskies


It's been a big year for Australian whisky releases (that's a sentence we weren't saying a few years ago) and we're lucky enough to be enjoying drams from some pretty far-flung places of this great wide land. 

We've very limited stocks from the following distilleries.

A lot of these are early releases in the history of these distilleries, all of them are very small runs and most released in the last couple of months.


MCHENRY (Tasmania)

We drank our sole bottle of the first release at the Aussie whisky tasting earlier this year, but we do have a tiny allocation of the third release from Tasmania's McHenry distillery, located in Port Arthur. Australia's southern-most whisky distillery enjoys an almost Scotland-like micro climate and produces a light, delicate spirit.

McHenry's 3rd Release Single Malt ($315 - $283.50 for members)

BLACK GATE (New South Wales)

Located in the central west of New South Wales, one of our favourite Aussie distilleries with some fantastic bold, rich drams. An incredibly small production has meant that these early releases have been drip-fed over the past 12 months and following the release of cask #08 at Whisky Fair in August, there will be no new single malts until the same time in 2017. Very limited stocks of the last few releases, which were held back for the Fair, in store now.

Black Gate Single Malt Cask 007 ($189 - $170.10 for members)
Black Gate Cask Strength Single Cask BG011 ($259 - $233.10 for members)
Black Gate Single Malt Cask #08 ($259 - $233.10 for members)


Rising from the ashes of Southern Coast, it's only been 12 months since the first single malt from Tin Shed under the Iniquity label. Each batch has sold out instantaneously, but we've got a couple of bottles of Batch 5 which were reserved as emergency tasting stock for Whisky Fair 2016.

Iniquity Batch 5 Single Malt ($199 - $179.10 for members)

SOUTHERN COAST (South Australia)

Speaking of the infamous closed Southern Coast distillery, we've released the last few cases of our own bottling - Cask 37 - from the distillery. Bottled at 55% and with just 103 bottles, this is your last chance at a piece of modern Australian whisky history.

Oak Barrel Cask 37 Southern Coast ($239 - $215.10 for members)


Famous for being the distillery of Sullivan's Cove, a few casks have escape over the years to be bottled by private parties. We've got two indie bottlings at the moment, one each of their famed American and French oak maturations.

The Exile 15 Year Old French Oak ($525 - $472.50 for members)
Tasmanian Independent Bottlers First Release ($279 - $251.10 for members)

HEARTWOOD (Tasmania)

Tasmania's world famous indie bottler - while we await the arrival of the We Are Cousins release, we've got some sneaky bottles of the Lark-distilled, port-cask infused We Are Brothers. 

Heartwood We Are Brothers ($320 - $288 for members)

LIMEBURNERS (Western Australia)

One of the busiest years for one of the country's founding single malt distilleries, we've seen some exciting new releases (and re-packages) including the Darkest Winter, their strongest expression ever.

Limeburners Darkest Winter ($360 - $324 for members)
Limeburners Director's Cut M118 ($399 - $359.10 for members)

More Limeburners...

Scott Fitzsimons