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  • Kilchoman Red Wine Cask Single Malt

    Kilchoman Red Wine Cask Single Malt

    A juicy, chocolatey red wine cask from the Kilchoman distillery on Islay.

    Bottled at 50%, there are just 7,000 bottles worldwide. The casks were sourced from the Duro Valley in Portugal.

    Part of the series that has seen expressions matured in Port, Madeira and Sauternes casks, this is a full maturation in those wine casks. While they can often overpower a spirit, this distillate from 2012 has held its own.

    Red berries sweetness up front, but there’s dark chocolate and a bit of spice on the palate to counter any over-sweetness. The smoke, shy initially, shows itself at the end. A drop of water makes it present on the nose as well.

    Founded in 2005, Kilchoman was the first new distillery built on Islay in 125 years. It is the only independent, family-owned distillery, the smallest and (as of 2018 before Ardnahoe is completed) the newest. Knowing their peated whiskies would need to ready at a relatively young age, Kilchoman adopted a long fermentation, slow distillation model that has given them an outstanding house style of fresh smoke and rounded fruits.

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  • Koerner Tiver Rose 2017

    Koerner Tiver Rose 2017

    The Sangiovese (70%) and Sciaccerrelo (30%) fruit was sourced from the flats of Vivian vineyard, which consists of darker clay on limestone. The grapes spent 24 hours on skins before being pressed and settled overnight. Natural fermentation happened in ceramic egg and neutral oak and lasted around 3 weeks. The wine remained in it’s vessels on full lees for a further 3 weeks before being racked and blended to stainless steel to sit on fine lees for a further 4 months. Prior to bottling a small sulpur addition was made and the wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered.

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  • Kunizakari Muroka Umeshu 14% 720ml

    Kunizakari Muroka Umeshu 14% 720ml

    Taste is Ripe plums, marzipan and a slight butteriness. Rich and fruity.

    Kunizakari was established in 1844 in Handa city (Aichi Prefecture) where they experience a warmer climate with an average of 15.5C as well as having an abundant supply of pure, natural underground water; this in turns assists with making a high quality starter culture.

    An excellent richer style of Umeshu.

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  • Peter Wetzer Silverberg Kekfrankos 2016

    Peter Wetzer Silverberg Kekfrankos 2016

    Also known as Blaufrankisch (Kekfrankos is its Hungarian name), the dark red grape is often mistaken for Gamay or Pinot Noir. This expression is from Wetzer's very best vineyard, a small selection of vines in a clearing of a forest. Very long ripening, rich and elegant.

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