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  • Adelphi Clynelish 20-Year-Old 1996 Single Cask

    Adelphi Clynelish 20-Year-Old 1996 Single Cask

    A stellar single cask from one of our favourite distilleries, Clynelish.

    Very much a favourite of the whisky industry, modern Clynelish was built in 1967 next to an older distillery of the same name, which would eventually take on the moniker of Brora. The northern highland site is used mainly for Diageo’s blends, including the top level Johnnie Walkers, but it has carved a cult following from single malts, largely by the hands of independents.

    Adelphi’s Clynelish releases over the past five years have been nothing short of spectacular, the honeyed, waxy house style overlooking gorgeous complexity and intrigue.

    This expression was distilled in 1996 and bottled in 2017 as a 20-year-old. At 50.6%, the cask yielded 50.6%.

    This is straight up and down what you expect from Clyelish, the beautiful textures and aromas all present and shining with delicate fruits, the slightest hint of smoke and sea air and the feeling that there’s always something more to discover.

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  • Lucy Margaux 3 Colours Red 2017

    Lucy Margaux 3 Colours Red 2017

    Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.

    Three colours red! Big, crunchy, juicy and fresh organic blend from Anton. Benefits from a light chill. No sulphur at all 

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  • Good Intentions Frankie 2017

    Good Intentions Frankie 2017

    Cabernet Franc from Mt Benson. Part carbonic, part destemmed, pressed into stainless steel and blended with a little Petit Verdot

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  • Wakatsuru Junmai Ginjo Kissui Sake

    Wakatsuru Junmai Ginjo Kissui Sake

    A full-bodied but still delicate sake from Wakatsuru brewery.

    This Kissui is a junmai (made with no added alcohol, only rice water and koji) ginjo (with the rice polished to at least 60% of its original size).

    Slightly on the drier side, the rice is polished to 55%.

    Best served chilled or room temperature and matches a wide range of food.

    The Wakatsuru brewery is located in the Tonami city of Toyama on Honshu, Japan’s main island.

    See the latest sake arrivals here.

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