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  • Do Re Mi Tavkveri Rose 2015

    Do Re Mi  Tavkveri Rose 2015

    A stunning aromatic wine from the three friends (Giorgi, Mamuka, and Gabriel) of Do Re Mi. Do Re Mi are dedicated to using traditional Georgian winemaking techniques (meaning no additions and fermenting the wine in clay vessels buried in the earth). Their winery ('Marani')  is located just outside Tbilisi. Their grapes are sourced from two organic vineyards in the two main grape growing regions of Kartli and Kakheti. The grapes for their wines are handpicked, and the wine is bottled unfiltered.

    This is a rich and flavoursome style of Rose, made from the indigenous Tavkveri grape. Aromas of bright red berry fruits and musk are matched by herbal and earthy notes on the palate. Excellent tannin structure gives this wine plenty of length. Drinks best lightly chilled.

    If you enjoy the wines from Pheasant's Tears, this is a must try. Do Re Mi is an apt name for these wines because they are absolutely singing.

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  • Yullis Hans Gropo Saison 4.1%

    Yullis Hans Gropo Saison 4.1%

    Hans Gropo Farmhouse Quencher is a light and dry farmhouse ale aimed at quenching your thirst (and wildest dreams) in the form of a grisette. A traditional Saison yest strain combined with a super light malt backbone and 3 trans-continental hops makes for the ultimate table beer, a true quencher with a little bit of fun(k). Hans was originally brewed in collaboration with Sydney's iconic Frankie's Pizza. Pairs well with pickles and fermented foods. 

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  • Funk Estate Jungle Boogie 5.3% 330ml

    Funk Estate Jungle Boogie 5.3% 330ml

    With blood orange, lemon and passionfruit, forget what you know about beer and just embrace the sour fruit characters. This hazy and slightly pink beer has a touch of citrus on the nose and a massive attack of sour on the tongue. Brewed for GABS 2016.

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  • Overeem Red Wine Cask

    Overeem Red Wine Cask

    A very special and unlikely to be repeated release from Tasmania’s Overeem distillery.

    This is cask OHD-100, the 100th cask filled by founder Casey Overeem, and it is the only time an ex-red wine cask has been used to mature Overeem. Whilst that may happen again in the future it would take at least another five years if they were to lay another one down to maturity, and even so there are no plans to fill another red wine cask.

    This was originally previewed at The Oak Barrel’s annual Whisky Distillers Dinner in August and with just 130 bottles in the release it is almost exclusively available through the distillery themselves.

    Overeem has only ever been matured in ex-sherry and ex-port casks, with a smattering of ex-bourbon casks which are now highly collectable, so the sweet, luscious spirit is not out of its depth in this bold wine oak.

    This is a sweeter, confectionary, expression with macerated fruits and a bit of oak spice. Deep fruits again on the palate, with a sugary sweetness and oak on the finish.

    Very limited quantities. Comes in gift box with two branded Overeem Glencairn whisky glasses.

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