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  • Gentle Folk Rainbow Juice 2017

    Gentle Folk Rainbow Juice 2017

    A blend of 23 different varieties, sitting somewhere between a red and a white (though without being a rosé). Aromas of just ripe berry fruits and Christmas spices. The palate has lean acidity and brilliant red fruits.

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  • Summer Sour Beer Pack

    Summer Sour Beer Pack

    Sydney Summers are perfect for sours. Light, fresh and tart. 

    Chur ImPEACHment Sour 500ml (NZ)
    Magic Rock Salty Kiss Gose 330ml (UK)
    Wayward Sour Puss Raspberry Berliner 330ml Weisse (Aus)
    3 Ravens Original Sour 355ml (Aus)
    Hargreaves Margarita Gose 330ml (Aus)
    Founders Green Zebra Watermelon Gose 355ml (USA)

    We've included a few different styles such as:
    Gose, a recently revived style, usually brewed with sea salt and coriander and has recently included summer fruits. It creates a low alcohol, dry and refreshing beer. 
    Berliner Weisse, a los alcohol wheat beer. Usually brewed with fruits, it creates a light, tart style beer. 

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  • Bruichladdich Wee Laddie Tasting Collection

    Bruichladdich Wee Laddie Tasting Collection

    A gift pack collection featuring three 200ml bottles of single malt whisky from the Bruichladdich distillery.

    One of Islay’s most progressive and exciting distilleries, the pack features their unpeated Classic Laddie and Islay Barley expressions with the heavily peated Port Charlotte Scottish Barley. They’re all bottled at 50%.

    Comes in a glorious box, with booklet explaining the distillery and its philosophy.

    Bruichladdich on Islay, one of Scotland’s most famous whisky producing regions, is one of the country’s most progressive distilleries. Transparent in their practises and intrinsically tied to their land they distil three types of whisky: the unpeated Bruichladdich namesake, peated Port Charlotte and ultra-peated Octomore. 

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  • Exit Saison Cans 6.2%

    Exit Saison Cans 6.2%

    Hints of peppery citrus, straw & a sweet honey funk on the nose. Flavours of semi-dry citrus pith, earthy breads, subtle caramels crisp honey and a dry spicy funkiness to finish. Made with White Labs Belgian II Saison yeast (WLP566)

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