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  • Boutiqe-y Whisky Company Tobermory Batch 3

    Boutiqe-y Whisky Company Tobermory Batch 3

    A single cask expression from The Isle Of Mull’s Tobermory distillery, bottled by the Boutique-y Whisky Company.

    The BWC is a world-renowned independent bottler, famous for their cartoon labels which often depict in-jokes about the distiller or the release.

    This is the third release of Tobermory, with the age not disclosed. Although it has been bottled at 48.1%, so if this has been bottled at natural cask strength it’s probably not that young. The colour and flavour give this away as an American oak ex-bourbon cask. There were 208 bottles in the release.

    The label depicts a famous scene from cult British comedy Alan Partridge, which you can watch below.

    This was a polarising whisky when first released, a fact best evident in the reviews by Whisky Magazine.

    One of their reviewers gave it 92 points, calling it “a superbly balanced whisky” while another gave it 79, saying “quite limited in what it gives, but developes over time in the glass.”

    Read both sides below:

    Whisky Magazine’s Chris Goodrum:

    Nose: A moist and succulent nose of Gala and Honeydew melon, apricot, pineapple, tangerine and barley. Sawdusty oak appears with a light grassiness. That's a gorgeous nose!

    Palate: Not as fruity as the nose but still not lacking in fruit. A little more barley and a taught, mineral edge. Green apple and gooseberry appears on the middle amidst the slightly tropical fruit.

    Finish: Fabulously balanced, long and lightly honeyed with the barley and oak lingering. Lovely, light bitter chocolate note in the after-taste.

    Whisky Magazine’s Neil Ridley:

    Nose: Spirit, wet wood and a slightly malty, but maritime malted beer note. 

    Palate: The beer note continues, alongside some sharp dry oak. A little flat here.  

    Finish: Short, with very oaky undertones.

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  • Green Spot Leoville-Barton Single Pot Still Whiskey

    Green Spot Leoville-Barton Single Pot Still Whiskey

    The staple Green Spot Irish single pot still whiskey finished in red wine casks from Bordeaux Chateau Leoville Barton.

    Distilled at the Midleton distillery in County Cork, Green Spot is one of the few ‘single pot still’ Irish whiskies – a style of whiskey distilled with both malted and unmalted barley. The raw, unmalted barley gives the whiskies a unique rich, spicy flavour.

    Not only in Leoville Barton one of the most premium chateaux in the region, but there is an Irish-tie in as well. The house traces its history back to Thomas Barton, an Irishman, whose descendants are still involved in the winery.

    This Green Spot is finished for one-to-two years in the wine casks after initially maturing in a mixture of ex-bourbon, ex-oloroso sherry and ex-American virgin oak casks.

    The wine cask treatment gives a perfumed, berry fruit edge to the classic creaminess and spicy barley finish of the Green Spot canon.

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  • Champagne Agrapart 'Mineral' Extra Brut Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru 2009

    Champagne Agrapart 'Mineral' Extra Brut Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru 2009

    This vintage, produced from old vines from Avize and Cramant, a limestone terroir, is matured for a half in oak barrels with no filtering. A full malolactic fermentation wine that spends five years on lees and is turned by hand. Dosage of liqueur limited to 4g of sugar/liter and the SO2 at 50mg/liter.

    A Champagne with a clear and distinct minerality. The terroir is clearly identified: persistant, salty with light bitter hints. The fragrance is fantastic with flavours of fresh orchard fruit, and lime. Vibrant, complex and pure. A wine that is great now but will age.

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  • Heiwa Shuzo Tsuruume Yuzushu

    Heiwa Shuzo Tsuruume Yuzushu

    A very addictive, refreshing Yuzushu from Heiwa.

    Yuzushu is a citrus-driven 'limoncello-style' drink from Japan made from the yuzu citrus fruit.

    This Heiwa expression is made with yuzu juice and one-year-old junmai sake at a 1:1 ratio, which is a higher ratio of fruit juice than the typical.

    Beautifully fresh and aromatic, it’s clean and citrusy on the palate with refreshing acidity and tartness.

    The fruit for this is sourced from Wakayama and is juiced with the peel to bring our both the sweet and bitter elements.

    Perfect for summer heatwaves, a huge favourite of Oak Barrel staff.

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