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  • Archie Rose Bush Gin

    Archie Rose Bush Gin

    A limited-edition release from Sydney’s Archie Rose distillery, this grounded, herbal gin is inspired by the Australian bush.

    Part one of a two-part series, key botanicals like waxflower, pink peppercorn, wild farmer’s friend and thyme build the eucalypt notes present here.

    Bottled at 40% and just 8,300 bottles released in total.

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  • Brutal De Jean Marc Les Vin Pirouette 2016

    Brutal De Jean Marc Les Vin Pirouette 2016

    Vinification Method: Grapes are hand harvested with a triage in the vines, destemmed, and fermented with indigenous yeast and zero sulfur. The varieties are vinified separately, and spend about 18 days macerating on the skins, producing a nice orange/pink color. Elevage on the fine lees for 11 months in traditional large Alsatian foudre and bottled with zero addition of sulfur. The wine is blended a day before being bottled, Unfined and unfiltered.

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  • Comte De Lamaestre 1967 Bas Armagnac

    Comte De Lamaestre 1967 Bas Armagnac

    An excellent 1967 vintage from Delord’s Comte de Lamaestre label.

    This currently 1967 is a favourite of The Oak Barrel staff, and it provides excellent value for 50-year-old spirit. The world was a very different place when these grapes were harvested and distilled in 1967.

    We’ve long-admired this vintage for retaining its sweet freshness. The nose is almost grassy and the palate has excellent structure. There’s evidence of the age on the finish, with a slight tannin. One to contemplate a long day with.

    Comte de Lamaestre is a label of the Delord house, whose distillery is in the village of Lannepax. Delord’s vineyards grown colombard, ugni blanc and folle blanche grapes and they distil through alembic stills from November through to the end of December. The vintage of an Armagnac is determined by the grape harvest, so if distillation was to spill into the following year by a day or a so it would still take the year of harvest as its vintage.

    Delord has a large and consistent range of vintages and they provide a fantastic window into how Armagnac ages. One of the great joys in life involves a lengthy parallel tasting of Delord vintages.

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  • Heiwa Shuzo Tsuruume Yuzushu

    Heiwa Shuzo Tsuruume Yuzushu

    A very addictive, refreshing Yuzushu from Heiwa.

    Yuzushu is a citrus-driven 'limoncello-style' drink from Japan made from the yuzu citrus fruit.

    This Heiwa expression is made with yuzu juice and one-year-old junmai sake at a 1:1 ratio, which is a higher ratio of fruit juice than the typical.

    Beautifully fresh and aromatic, it’s clean and citrusy on the palate with refreshing acidity and tartness.

    The fruit for this is sourced from Wakayama and is juiced with the peel to bring our both the sweet and bitter elements.

    Perfect for summer heatwaves and a huge favourite of Oak Barrel staff. Amazing over ice.

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