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  • Tamdhu 10-Year-Old Single Malt

    Tamdhu 10-Year-Old Single Malt

    A heavily-sherried Speysider from the resurgent Tamdhu distillery that showcases soft fruits, plenty of spice and the faintest touch of earthy peat.

    Founded in 1896, Tamdhu has been a relatively unknown distillery throughout its existence and was mothballed in 2009 until it was purchased by Ian Macloed Distillers in 2011 (they own Glengoyne and have a host of blends and gins in their portfolio).

    They immediately went cask hunting upon their purchased and salvaged the best sherry casks to launch the distillery as a single malt and its reputation and thus been carried on the back of this veritable ten-year-old.

    It’s particularly drinkable, smooth fruits balancing the prominent spice notes.

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  • Wendouree Malbec 2015

    Wendouree Malbec 2015

    Wendouree’s vines are among some of the earliest planted in Australia, in 1893. The vines were grafted from the original James Busby collection held in Adelaide's Botanical Gardens (Busby is considered the father of the Australian wine industry, bringing the first vine stock to Australia from Spain and France). Wendouree has 28 acres of vines, all dry grown (meaning that they are not irrigated). Wendouree wines are highly sought after and renowned for their exceptional quality.

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  • Ricca Terra Tinta Barroca 2017

    Ricca Terra Tinta Barroca 2017

    Tinta Barroca is a little known Portuguese variety used to make Port, but the Ricca Terra Farms expression couldn't be futher from a big, rich, tannic varietal. It's more akin to a Pinot Noir / Gamay blend in style, with brambly forest fruits and a light, moreish earthiness. We love sampling unusual or hard to find varietals and this is a stunner.

    This is a brand new wine from Ricca Terra Farms. Owner and winemaker Ashley Ratcliff produces grapes for cult winemakers such as Brash Higgins, Unico Zelo, Bellwether, David Franz, Sassafras, and Astro Bunny.

    120 cases made.

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  • Wakatsuru Junmai Ginjo Kissui Sake 1800ml Bottle

    Wakatsuru Junmai Ginjo Kissui Sake 1800ml Bottle

    A 1.8 litre bottle of the Kussui sake from from Wakatsuru brewery.

    This Kissui is a junmai (made with no added alcohol, only rice water and koji) ginjo (with the rice polished to at least 60% of its original size).

    Slightly on the drier side, the rice is polished to 55%.

    Best served chilled or room temperature and matches a wide range of food.

    The Wakatsuru brewery is located in the Tonami city of Toyama on Honshu, Japan’s main island.

    See the latest sake arrivals here.

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