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  • Jauma 'Archie' Shiraz 2015

    Jauma 'Archie' Shiraz 2015

    Here’s a medium bodied shiraz of upfront, open fruit with a back bone of delicious structure, that is organically farmed, naturally vinified and packed with joyful power. We hope this brings you as much joy as it does us.

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  • Laphroaig 1997 Berry's Own Single Cask Whisky

    Laphroaig 1997 Berry's Own Single Cask Whisky

    A rare single cask expression from Islay's Laphroaig distillery.

    Distilled in 1997, this single malt was drawn from cask #48 and bottled at 52.% cask strength. It is also un-coloured and un-chill filtered. 

    Bottled in 2015 it is an 18-year-old and available in very limited supplies. Only 12 bottles made it to Australia.

    Berry's Own is a bottling at of Berry Brothers & Rudd, a historic UK wine and spirit merchant. Their Berry's Own releases, which are a treat to Australian drinkers when they appear, are renowned for their quality.

    In their own words for this particular bottling: "After 18 years in the cask some of the heavier phenol notes have subsided to allow more of the fruity notes to show. There is ripe banana and old leather with some white pepper. The finish is long and rewarding."

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  • GlenDronach 2003 Single Cask (Oak Barrel Exclusive)

    GlenDronach 2003 Single Cask (Oak Barrel Exclusive)

    We are beyond excited to confirm that The Oak Barrel’s next exclusive bottling is a single cask, cask strength release from GlenDronach distillery.

    Well over a year in the planning we have selected a 12-year-old Oloroso cask, cask #3492 to be exact, that was filled January 24 2003. Split with New Zealand, It is the first single cask from GlenDronach to be bottled exclusively for the Antipodean region.

    The release sits alongside the Oak Barrel’s previous exclusive bottlings from Glenfarclas, Sullivan’s Cove, Overeem, Lark, Adelphi and New World Whisky Distillery.

    Tasting notes from the distillery:

    Nose: Golden sultanas and spiced poached pears dusted with Demerara and drizzled with stem ginger syrup.

    Appearance: Antique gold.

    Palate: Fresh crisp oak spices flood through stewed orchard fruits and apricot jam. Cracked barley, cinnamon and a gentle hint of clove oil round off the classic Highland character.

    Tasting notes by Oak Barrel’s Scott Fitzsimons and Archie Rose’s Dave Withers:

    Nose: Pudding, burnt toast, golden syrup, caramel, assorted Australian lollies.

    Palate: Initially quite compact, it opens up to pudding, raisins and blackberry jam.

    Finish: Dark chocolate, fragrant sawdust and young American oak.

    Comment: This has a classic fruitcake GlenDronach nose, but the finish is quite unique and pronounced.

    Distillery GlenDronach
    Built 1826
    Status Active
    Company Benriach Distillery Company
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  • Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Single Malt

    Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Single Malt

    In short supply ever since it was named the World's Best Single Malt Whisky at the 2015 World Whiskies Awards, the Kavlan Vinho Barrique is a rare peasure for Australian drinkers these days.

    The Solist series is a premium range of single malts from Taiwan's Kavalan distillery. The Vinho Barrique has been matured in American Oak ex-wine casks, which previously held a mixture of red and white wines.

    Bottled as a single cask at cask strength, it carries all the complex richness that we expect from Kavalan. The Vinho is particularly fruity, with dominant tropical fruits and layers of spice.

    When it was named the World's Best Single Malt the judging panel said, "Lots of stewed fruits on the nose. There’s also aged Bourbon notes. Water brings out custard creams. Surprisingly smooth on the palate. The alcohol is very present. It’s like Bourbon infused milk chocolate.

    "Another nutty, meaty, savoury nose, with sweet notes in the backdrop. Very sweet pruney flavours initially on the palate, with fruit cake and big clove, chilli and dry cinnamon. Walnut and hazelnut on the very dry finish.

    "Immediately and subtly liquor rich. Tiny bit of incense, a thread of spice and smoke.

    "Caramel, marzipan, coffee-vanilla, fudge, rich, creamy, dried black fruits. Integrated and surprisingly light. Element of sandalwood. Starts creamy, waters out, almost disappears before rubbing hot brown sugar into the oesophagus. Tiny bitter trace."

    Owned by the King Car Group, the Kavalan distillery was built to state of the art specifcations and started distilling in 2006. Under the guidance of master blender Ian Cheng and Scottish whisky legend Dr Jim Swan, who has had a strong advisory role, it has become one of the benchmarks in the whisky world.

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